Your private mentoring session
with me
Aleksandar Rose

What do I offer?

I can offer you a TRANSFORMATION in each and every aspect of the trading:

  • Laying down a solid foundation of trading knowledge
  • Profitable trading techniques and strategies
  • Building blocks of a profitable trading strategy
  • Effective Money Management
  • Back testing process
  • Building a Trading Plan
  • Trading Mindset and Psychology

My clients believe that their only problem is in their lack of a profitable trading strategy, but after a quick talk, they’ve realized that this is not the case.

At the end of the 1st private mentoring session, they realize that they have a series of trading issues. They have problems with their understanding of the markets and their trading knowledge as a whole. They realize that they have even bigger problems with their trading mindset and trading psychology.

Almost immediately, it became clear to them that their trading is emotionally driven, and if they had a luck of not bankrupting their trading account, they hadn’t the same luck in regard of trading habits. Their emotional trading led to a series of devastating bad habits.
Habits like:

  • Using trading techniques and strategies that aren’t suited for their trading style
  • The lack of trading consistency and trading discipline
  • Overleveraging
  • Following others’ opinions
  • Instant gratification – they want to see positive results without putting any effort
  • Over trading
  • Not having a trading plan or if they have, they deviate from it
  • Haven’t back tested the trading strategies that they are using
  • Associating pleasure with a winning trade, and pain with a losing trade
  • Lack of trading ritual
  • Not taking responsibility of their mistakes and never learn from them
  • Entering a trade before the market has given them an entry reason
  • The fear of entering a trade, even it is 100% aligned with the trading plan
  • Moving stops – increasing the risk
  • Moving target – decreasing the profit
  • Doubling down on losing trades
  • Wrong Risk & Money Management
  • And many more!

Although, I’ve helped my clients to change these habits, I want to be clear with you - I don’t possess a magic wand. If you want to transform your trading, you need to put some efforts - we grow and transform ourselves by taking actions.

I’m professional trader and mentor and I can help you make the transformation, but I need you to work with me. You need to put your time, energy and efforts, in order to transform your trading. You MUST work for your trading transformation!

How are private mentoring sessions conducted?

1 private mentoring session is 60 minutes long and it will be conducted via Skype.

In order for the session to have an impact on your trading transformation, once the private mentoring session is over, you will need immediately to implement everything from it.

The cost of 1-on-1 Private Mentoring Session is $100

You can years and lose a small fortune, while learning from your trading mistakes. If you got luck and if you put the efforts, after several years you may become a professional trade. Once you become a consistently profitable trader, you can earn back your lost money, but you cannot earn or bring back your lost time.

If you don’t want to wait years for your trading transformation, then book your 1-on-1 Private Mentoring Session Now!