Open 2 positions with a single click

Entry Manager is the best tool to tackle MT4’s positions limitation!


1 click, 2 Market Orders

Instantly open 2 Market Orders with a single click.

If a trader wants to close 50% of an open trade, MetaTrader won’t allow this to happen. The only way around this is to open 2 positions. Many times in volatile conditions, traders get different entry prices for their positions,. This could be huge problem - especially for scalpers.

Entry Manager is great tool for those of you who trade with two positions and want to get the same entry price for both positions. With Entry Manager, you need to input your desired lot size and pips size for stop loss and target 1 & 2 - then click the Sell by Market or Buy by Market button.


1 click, 2 Limit Orders

Instantly open 2 Limit Orders with a single click.

If your trading strategy gives you the opportunity to know in advance where your Entry, Stop and Targets levels will be, then Entry Manager is going to be your favorite tool.

The classic way to open 2 limit orders is to set all inputs for both positions – basically you do 2 things instead of 1. Entry Manager is great a time saver when it comes to setting limit orders – all you need to do is to set all inputs. Once you’re done with all inputs, you need to click the Place Your Order button and Entry Manager would instantly place 2 positions with your defined inputs.


One click away

You can minimize or maximize Entry Manager with a single click.

Another great benefit of Entry Manager is its design. Once you attach Entry Manager to your MT4 chart, you will see the Entry Manager’s panel.

The panel is designed to be one click away from you – you can minimize or maximize the panel when you want it. If you want a clean chart, then all you need to do is to click the minimize or maximize button on the panel.

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