Stop wondering whether a structure level is relevant or not

Why will Dynamic SR Indicator help you decrease learning curve and improve your overall trading?


Instantly Detect Structure Levels

Your eyes will be drawn to all important structure levels.

Identifying a structure level (resistance or support level) is a fundamental skill in technical analysis. It is crucial for every trader to be able to find important structure levels, but for many traders, identifying an important structure level can be a very difficult task.

One great benefit of using Dynamic SR is that it removes subjectivity – you will only get relevant structure levels. Once you attach the indicator to your chart, your eyes will be immediately drawn to major and minor structure levels.

This is beneficial to both beginners and experienced traders. If you’re a beginner trader and you’re having troubles finding structure levels, then this indicator will help you the decrease learning curve. With the help of the indicator you will drastically improve your structure identifying skills.

If you use the indicator  you will drastically cut down your analysis time. The indicator is a great time saver – because your eyes are drawn to all important structure levels, you don’t have to waste your precious time scanning the market for the right ones. If your trading strategy is based mainly on structure levels, then once you attach the indicator to your MT4  chart, then the next thing you need to do is to look for your entry reasons.


HT structure levels on lower TF

You can display a higher time frame structure zone on a lower time frame.

The main benefit of using the indicator is that you will be able to display higher time frame structure levels on lower time frames. There will be no need for you to switch back and forward between higher and lower time frames.

This feature comes in handy if you’re day trading and you want see how is the price doing in regard of higher time frame. Once the price is in a structure level you can switch 1 time frame lower in order to find a reason for entry. Now with the help of the indicator, you don’t need to switch between time frames. You only need to set your higher time frame structure levels on your lower trading time frame.


Easy Backtesting

Dynamic SR Zones is a great tool for backtesting your own strategy.

If you want to build a strategy, then you need to base your strategy on certain rules that will remove all the subjectivity . If you’re a structure trader and you’ve built your own strategy, the only thing you need to do is to backtest it. You need to backtest your strategy, in order to find out whether it is profitable or not.

If you’re an experienced trader, you would go back in the past and you would find structure levels, but this wouldn’t be any good for you - you wouldn’t know when a structure level was formed and you would hardly get any statistics data – so here Dynamic SR comes in handy.

Once you attach the indicator to your chart, you can go to the indicator’s setting and toggle on a variable that will display when a structure level is formed. With the help of the indicator you would get only relevant and important structure levels, you won’t get any hesitation in regards to structure levels and you will know when a structure levels is formed – this is fundamental for a structure strategy and fundamental for your backtesting.


Suitable for all trading styles

Trade both counter and trend following opportunities.

We all know that high probability trading opportunities tend to set on important structure levels - we can use structure levels for both trend trading and counter trend opportunities

The safest way to enter into a trade is along with an establish trend. If you’re looking for a highly profitable way to hop onto a trend, then you should wait fo the  price action to pullback to a previous structure level, then you need to wait for an entry reason.

Structure levels tend to act as a magnet so those of you who want to trade a counter trend opportunity, the best thing for you to do is to wait for the price action to go to the next structure levels and then to wait for a reason to enter a counter trend trade. Basically you will consider the following structure level as a potential reversal level.


Multiple Markets & Time frames

Trade any market and time frame you want.

You can use Dynamic SR Indicator with Forex, Futures & Stocks. You simply need to attach the indicator on the chart and start trading.

Dynamic SR Indicator can display structure levels on every time frame – it is suitable for both day and swing trading.

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Alex, Thanks a ton mate, Dynamic SR has changed the way of my trading.

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