APR Script will transform your Advanced Pattern Trading

On average APR Script will save 30 MINUTES of your analysis time

What is APR?

APR Script is an Advanced Pattern Recognition Script designed for MT4 platform.

In order to trade any Harmonic Pattern, you have to spot a valid XA wave, then you need to apply Fibonacci Retracment & Extension tools in order to confirm whether on not you've find a correct Harmonic Pattern. Then you need once again to apply Fibonacci tools in order to find the correct entry, stop and target levels. This is the old and boring way!

The APR script is based on the most profitable ratios for Gartleys, Bats and Cyphers.

Once you apply APR script on your chart you need only to draw 3 lines - XA, AB and CD waves, then the scrip will handle everything else for you. The APR will show you what Harmonic Pattern you've drawn - Gartley, Bat or a Cypher. The APR script will draw the complete pattern for you, and will show you the correct Entry, Stop and Target Levels.

10 seconds after applying the scrip to the chart, you can start trading the pattern which your eyes picked up!

The APR script can show you only 1 Haromonic Pattern per Time Frame, because of the MT4 limitations. You can set a shortcut combination for the APR script, so you can load the script almost instantly.

... and you will get detailed  Fiobancci Ratios for the Gartley, Bat and Cypher Patterns

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Lifetime License for $179

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