Hey, I’m Aleksandar Rose, a professional currency trader and mentor and I’m the owner of www.beaprofitabletrader.com
I’ve made almost every trading mistake imaginable - I’ve picked a strategy and if it turned losing I ditched it, and then I went for a search of a new, even though there was nothing wrong the strategy I was ditching. I didn’t now back then, that there was nothing wrong with the strategy – it simply entered in a DrawDown period. I’ve hadn't even a slightest understanding of the way the strategy works!
My emotional and psychological state was a complete mess.
Several times I was really close of blowing my trading accounts. I cannot say that I’ve blown several trading accounts, simply because there were periods, when I stopped real trading. I’ve stopped trading and start learning all once again …
I was thinking that this time will be different! Once I’ve felt ready back then, I’ve deposit more money in my trading account. I went through several learning-depositing cycles and the in the last cycle I’ve thought to myself that this is enough – I was going to quit trading.

Before giving up on my trading I gave myself a last chance. I’ve decided that I will do everything I can in order to become consistently profitable trader. If I failed doing that then I will quite trading with clear consciences.

This last chance really paid off!

I’ve found mentors that taught me the skills of trading. I’ve mastered the skill of reading the market. I’ve learned several methods and strategies that are in the core of my trading now - thanks to them I can find highly profitable trading opportunities. I’ve went through an extensive backtesting process, that helped me to lay down my psychological framework.

My mentors helped me to change my mindset. Thanks to their help and the books on psychology they gave me, I’ve basically managed re-programmed my brain completely. I’ve get rid my old destructive habits, I’ve installed new ones and now I can take the control of my emotions and psychology. My mentors helped me to put everything that I’ve learned in a written profitable Trading Plan. Thanks to my Trading Plan, I can filter good and bad trading opportunities. If there is a trading opportunity that is 100% based off my Trading Plan, then I consider it as good!

Because I didn’t give up I’ve transformed my trading completely - I’m a consistently profitable trader since 2013
My job as professional trader is really simple - I need to stay disciplined and to follow my Trading Plan 100% of the time, only entering in GOOD trading opportunities.

Now I’m trading my own funds, but ever since 2013, I’ve wanted to share my trading experience – and www.beaprofitabletrader.com was born. The primary mission of my website is helping struggling traders and transforming their trading journey - becoming consistently profitable traders.

Because of my need to share my trading experience I’ve launched a Live Trading Room where all traders can take the opportunity and see how I do my analysis day in and day out in order to find highly profitable trading opportunities, and
when I get in and when I get out of a trade.
You can also take the opportunity to get my proprietary trading tools that will help you drastically decrease your analysis time.

I really believe that my website has the power to help you reach your ultimate trading goal – becoming a consistently profitable trader!